One of the things people love most about social media is the ability to show others around the world their photos. We get joy, as do others, from reminiscing and recounting pleasant memories and the smiles of our loved ones. So when an old friend comes to visit in person, or your grandkids want to see what their parents looked like at their age, or you want to be continually reminded of your favorite vacation spot, do you huddle around the computer and start clicking?

Personally, I find it much more effective to just have those favorite images on display. Whether as wall art or an album on your coffee table, those memories are a readily accessible, tangible, part of your everyday surroundings. That being said, there is such thing as overkill.

Having a gallery wall doesn't mean you have to literally cover the full wall with your photos. Small images crowded together in large quantities among matting and framing and shapes and textures and sizes and .... yea it's overwhelming and actually distracting. Don't be afraid of size though, either; sometimes 1 really large image placed well can make much more of an impact that a whole wall of 5x7's and 8x10's. Below are some gallery wall designs that look classy and display photos in a way that they can be seen and enjoyed on a regular basis. For the sources and tutorials on designing these and other wall gallery layouts, check out my "Display your Photos" board on Pinterest.