One of my favorite things about photography is that every single session is different. When you work with kids, a little crazy is inevitable. It's also what makes it fun. Adults can be just as fun though, which I was reminded of this weekend when I had the opportunity to shoot and engagement session for George and Teri. These two have been together for 8 years, most of which has been long distance, so it was immediately clear to me how comfortable they were around one another. After just spending a few hours with this fun-loving couple, I can tell what a great match they make! Earlier in the week, Teri and I discussed some of their favorite things to do together and how to incorporate them in their photos, so by the end of the shoot when I asked how they thought it went, George responded with,

I got to play football, lay on the beach, drink bear, and eat cheesecake so yea, it was fun!

Not to mention, we were set on one of the most gorgeous and famous beaches in the world, Sunset Beach on the North Shore. Local surfers and competitors from the Vans Surf Competition were catching waves and enjoying the beautiful conditions behind us the whole evening. This couple was definitely a drastic change from the toddlers I've been working with most recently, so thanks Teri and George for being so awesome and not requiring me to make a single animal noise the whole session!