Life doesn't freeze when the weather gets colder; we just have to adjust. That applies to your photoshoot, too. If you have the opportunity in your schedules to get family photos taken, there's a milestone that needs commemorating, or whatever the case may be, you don't have to wait until the trees are blooming and you can break out the sundresses for those pictures to be great. You just alter the vision!

There are plenty of ways to get around location woes by shooting indoors or getting creative with your background, (for more on that, check out this post). But don't take the outdoors off your realm of possibilities just because it's chilly. Trust me, I am no fan of the cold and I'm sure that my Hawaii-aquainted-blood will be shocked by those winds come December, but even I can endure the cold for an hour, especially if we're running around and having fun like any of my typical sessions. Fall fashion is full of opportunity for mixing and matching patterns, color, and texture for some really striking images! Check out these suggestions of outfits that will not only flatter, but keep you much warmer than those sundresses when there's a chill in the air.