If you’ve thought about booking a custom portrait session, you’ll notice that a full experience with Firefly Photography includes a one on one meeting before ever stepping in front of the camera. (see the process on this page) It may seem unnecessary at first, as in,

“Can’t we just email?”

“How much could there possibly be to talk about?”

“Don’t we just need to schedule a date and call it good?”

From my experience with families in the past and knowing the experience I want to offer my clients in the future, this pre-consultation is actually crucial! In fact, it basically sets up the success or failure of your shoot altogether. There is a whole lot more to getting great pictures than simply pointing and clicking the camera, (which is pretty underrated in itself, but that’s for another post.) I assume if you’re coming to me for photos, you want them to look effortlessly natural, put together, reflective of personality, and worth the money you’re investing, right? Well, here are my top 3 reasons that the pre-session consultation is so essential in the process :

1. Friends vs. Strangers

It’s hard to be yourself entirely around a perfect stranger, let’s be honest. It’s also hard to communicate personality through email or phone. I can’t possibly expect my clients to feel comfortable and natural around me (and my camera) if we know nothing about one another. Kids usually warm up a little more quickly, but they are also individuals who need, like, and dislike different things. If you want to avoid your child’s “cheeeeese” face, I have to know how to make them laugh, how to brighten their day, how to make pictures enjoyable instead of torture. I only get those details through conversation. Familiarity and comfort are not achieved through questionnaires and those are the most important factors to help me create an honest reflection through photography.

2. The particulars

When planning something that requires multiple people to be in one place for a given time with the same intentions and expectations, a email chain to coordinate all that becomes annoyingly difficult to manage. An in-person meeting allows us to hash out all the details right at once – dates, times, locations, wardrobe, props, special details, what you hope to use the photos for, and whatever I can do to make it easier for you. All at once, boom, plan made. And you’ll probably get a free drink out of it, too, my treat. ☺

3. Crystal Clear

I try to be very open on my website and advertising about the kind of portraits I capture and the kind of experience I offer, but I’m aware that it may be new compared to what many people are used to. Getting together in person allows us to clear up any questions you may have about how I work, what you will be getting in turn, and how it will all unfold. Again, this is much easier to communicate through conversation. I don’t want there to be any surprises once we start working together, just open communication, advice, and help to get you to the final product: a real portrayal of your loved ones as artwork in your home for you and others to cherish.

Want to know more about the Firefly Photography experience or get more connected? Feel free to comment below these posts, follow me on social media, or shoot me an email! I love to hear from you!