In the spirit of Christmas and Carrie Underwood's recent revival of The Sound of Music, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things. (Anyone else not totally sold on that remake? I love Carrie, but I was a tad disappointed in the new chopped up version of the classic, sorry to say...) Anyways, these items don't follow the "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" pattern, but they are some of my obsessions from the past month that I thought I'd share with you, just in case you're interested in also joining in on singing their praises. Or need a stocking stuffer. Or some general entertainment. In whatever manner, here's to hoping you find some purpose from my personal rave-worthy items.

1. Blue Diamond Nut-Thins: delicious, crispy, healthy, flavorful, and a regular part of my lunch or snacking.

2. Whose Line is it Anyways: My husband and I found a funny clip on YouTube that quickly spiraled into a 2.5 hour marathon (enhanced with wine) that made for a date night full of belly-rolling laughter. Definitely a winner for a cheap night in.

3. Flipboard: I fell in love with this app because of it's clean, easy to navigate appearence and customizeable magazines to feature only the sort of news you're actually interested in reading.

4. Preveal: My new FAVORITE tool for business. Though it's a bit pricy, it's specifically designed for professional photographers to showcase client's sessions for them to scale with pictures from their own home. It's an amazing tool to help clients see the potential of thier photos and plan gorgeous wall galleries with zero risk. LOVE IT.

5. Blue Peacoat from Jack by BB Dakota: This is my favorite winter coat I've ever owned. It's slim and fitted but also super warm and a great color, too! I found it on and was worried about the fit, but it was perfect. I love pretty much everything in this shop.

6. The Hunger Games- Catching Fire: Have you seen it yet? It's A-Maze-Ing. Plus I'm mildly obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence alone so I'm a fan of whatever she's in.

7. Love Ring: I love the simplicity of the design and pretty finish of the rose gold. This one is from Max and Chloe, but I've seen the general style as a trend from several other retailers as well. Cute accessory you could wear on the everyday occasion.

8. Christmas Coffee Blends: I love the flavors of Christmas and all the brands now have their seasonal products out which makes me a happy girl. Doesn't have to be a latte or some fancy blended drink, just the regular brew but with that extra flavor of peppermint or pumpkin or gingerbread... yuuuuumm. I like to stock up on my favorites for a little Christmas in July as well :-)