The Decision-Making Complex

Have you ever sat down at a restaraunt, casually opened the menu, and suddenly found yourself with the overwhelming feeling like being buried back in 10th grade English class? If the menu has pages and pages of options for me to scour before I make my choice, I'll probably start sweating a little and fidgiting like I have to pee every time the waiter starts walking toward my table. Ultimately, I end up flustered and just picking something completely random from the first 2 pages that has a picture with it and then having orderer's remorse the entire time I wait for my meal, wondering if I would have been better off with that other dish. Anybody else?

In comparison, a specialty fine dining restaurant might only have a one page menu but every item on it is guarenteed to be exquisite. My decision is already narrowed down for me to the best of the best and I trust whatever I get will be delicious. You may be thinking,

Wow this girl is a hot mess, I'm definitely never doing dinner with her.

But I assure you, I am not really a food snob. I am simply trying to explain the thinking behind one of my business practices. Confused? I'll show you.

Fine Dining Photography

If you schedule a regular session with Firefly Photography, when it comes time to sit down together and view your images at your ordering session, you will have 25 images from which to choose your artwork, prints, and anything else you want. It's true that I generally capture hundreds of images during your shoot. When I get them back to my workspace, though, I go through each and every one with scrutiny to find the best of the best. The sharpest focus, the best expressions, the most flattering pose.

I spend between 5-15 minutes, sometimes more, retouching each image for your final gallery to take it to the next level. I do that part ahead of time so that when you see your photos, you're not spending your time comparing duplicates, zooming in to check clarity, or separating all the images where someone's blinking. I do that. I like doing that, believe it or not. That's part of my job!

I'm also not going to "hide" anything from you that I think you might want hanging on your wall or put in an album. I want you to have the best and you can trust that I'll put the time in behind the scenes so that what you see is just that. No sweating over making the right choice or worrying if you missed out on something great. Custom photography is like fine dining. Enjoy your meal, don't stress over it.