The weather's getting warmer down here in Virginia- snow has turned to rain and boots are getting stashed in leu of sandals and flats. I am SO ready for the shift of seasons, but for one final ode to winter, I'm featuring this snowy morning engagement shoot!

Cynthea and Chris are neighbors of ours and some of our very first friends here in Charlottesville. When they got engaged in February, I was so excited that they asked me to do their shoot and we immediately started to plan a shoot that fit their personality as a couple.

These two love to keep it casual, are slightly goofy, and were up for trying anything - basically my favorite kind of clients. We shot at Darden Towe Park in Charlottesville where there was tons of variety in landscape including, (could this get any cooler?) a rouge wooden ship. Yes, you read that correctly -- a giant wooden ship sits randomly on a hill in the public park so OBVIOUSLY we had to shoot on it.

Bright sun reflecting off the weekend snow and bold blue skies overhead set the final touches of our scene. Their connection and easy-going nature made for some awesome, relaxed shots that truly show their love and dynamics of their relationship.

Chris proposed with Cynthea's grandmother's ring.

Vintage + sentiment = romantic.


What's a photoshoot without some behind-the-scenes bloopers, right!? Check out these unedited peeks of some images that didn't make the cut buuuut give a little inside peek into the all the fun that leads into those final shots.

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