Since becoming an entrepreneur myself, (that term still feels a little weird to say in reference to myself...) I have had the incredible opportunity to position myself in a community of other amazing, motivated, creative people. From the first time I met Dana at a lecture she was giving for local business, she was wonderful and charming. As two young, self-employed creatives, our paths continued to cross over cups of coffee and glasses of wine, (don't all the best conversations happen with corresponding beverages?). Needless to say, when she contacted me about photographing new lifestyle headshots for her I was thrilled.

The Image Coach

Dana is a professional personal stylist and her business, The Image Coach of Charlottesville, is all about providing tools for managing impressions of motivated individuals that will lead to empowerment, confidence, and success. And she, herself, is indeed empowered, confident, and dedicated to success of her own dreams and those of her clients.

The New Headshot

My inner dialogue gave a cheerful YES! with fist punch to the sky when she relayed her understanding of the value of a good headshot -- especially for an image consultant! It seriously can make such a huge difference as these images are often a clients' first impression of you. And the old school glamour shot-style, crossed arms against a white backdrop with glaring lights overhead, you know the one-- at the risk of sounding blunt, that look is out. Or, channelling my inner 90's girl-- sooooo 90's. Maybe even 80's. Basically, it's been the standard for decades so to really stand out, and especially for a creative, modern business, a lifestyle headshot is definitely the way to go.

The Session

Jean Theory (located on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, VA) was willing to let us take over the back half of their store for the morning for our indoor shots. The clean walls, wooden floors, and industrial decor ended up being the perfect compliment for that part of our session so we owe a HUGE THANK YOU for their kindness and support in letting us use their space! (They also created a new fan in the process because I could not stop ooh-ing over all the gorgeous pieces in the store! So. Many. Cute. Things.)

We shot several outfits for variation and showcased her skills at work in conjunction with more traditional portraiture. We utilized the natural light and textured bricks of the Charlottesville Downtown Mall for the outdoor shots and you'd never guess that it was about 35 degrees and cloudy the day of our shoot! Dana was a champ about braving the cold and was a blast to work with because of her easy going nature and willingness to experiment with different poses and locations.

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Time to Update?

Are you or someone you know in need of some updated headshots? Be honest: if you haven't had professional headshots taken of you in the last 5 years, the answer to that question should be YES. Contact me for more info to see if we could be a good fit and help your business grow together!