Things have been quiet on the blog this past week due to consistent face-stuffing over the Thanksgiving holiday. Matt and I went back to Winchester, VA for an extended break with my side of the family, with whom there is never a dull moment. Stay tuned later this week for some personal highlights from the holiday!

For now, I thought it appropriate in the season of giving thanks to highlight an essential part of the Firefly brand: my handmade cards!

I'm a little old-fashioned in the fact that I still love sending and receiving cards in the mail - especially ones with pretty, handcrafted materials or handwritten notes - the personalization just speaks volumes! I know that a Firefly client is someone who also appreciates a personal touch. She loves pleasant little surprises, appreciates the nature of crafted items, and enjoys the connection from a tangible product. Therefore, a handmade, handwritten note is an obvious choice for spreading a little love or saying 'thanks' to my clients as part of the Firefly family.

Each card is a little different than the last, simple in construction but all with special attention to detail, pretty variations, and personalized notes.

I love making them. I love writing them. I love sending them. I just hope a little of all that love rubs off on those who open them!

This week was full of an overwhelming awareness of the incredible blessings in my life, including all of you reading this blog. I hope your Thanksgiving was full of silly family moments, beautiful traditions new and old, and lots of delicious food!

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