Canvas wraps are one of the most popular and traditional methods of displaying photography. They are timeless and eye-catching, a classic choice for any home. The problem is, there are so many options out there for consumers that it can be overwhelming to determine exactly what the best choice is for your needs. When purchased in large sizes and online, even the cheapest consumer suppliers are an investment and a risk when ordering online.

Often, the result leaves consumers immediately disappointed, but even if they are initially happy with the result and minimal upfront cost, they soon realize that their print has slowly faded or warped to an unflattering extreme and displaying it is not nearly as pleasing as it was a first.

Because I love you...

I want to reduce that burden a little and take away some of the mystery and stress of canvas printing. Stunning, high-quality canvas prints are one of the products available to all clients at their ordering appointment and here's 5 reasons why they win every time:

1. How they're printed

Each canvas is printed on archival quality canvas with UV coating. What the heck does that mean? It means that the canvas material is made with fibers that allow the colors to withstand weathering - like the sun coming through the window next to that wall you want to hang it on.

For more about what it means to be "archival," check out the Quality Yo section of this post.

2. How they're built

To be considered a "wrap," the canvas material needs to be wrapped around something. In many consumer products, this means stapling a piece of canvas around a lightweight wood frame. Your professional canvas is built with solid wood construction and 90 degree corners, meaning the print is carefully stretched around the frame and will not bend or warp over time.

3. Color & Clarity

Consumer labs are notorious for screwing with saturation, white balance, and clarity of your images. You've paid a professional to hand-retouch each image so you probably want it to look the same way in print as it does on screen. These pro canvases are calibrated directly to my editing system so they are a perfect match in color and sharpness.

4. They arrive ready to hang.

Like out of the box, everything's included to stick that sucker up on your wall and start smiling back at you. Convenience factor = A+.

5. All the sizing and designing done for you.

Forget wasting your time resizing, guessing about sizes, or comparing store by store - all of that has been or will be done for you so you can order confidently and assured you'll receive a fantastic product.

3 Ways professional canvases are directly valuable for YOU:

1.THEY ARE EASIER I come you, help you make decisions that work best for your home, do any extra designing and fitting needed, place the the order for you, and deliver it to your door. I'll even help you hang that baby, that's how much I care ;-)It's about as hassle free as it comes, folks.

2. THEY ARE FASTER Custom ordering made simple means weight off your back, stress off your plate, and pretty pictures on your walls within 2 weeks of your viewing session.

3. THEY ARE LONG-LASTING Past the cycle of a few seasons, past the move into your next home, past your kids graduations, past retirement. It will look as pretty as the day you received it. Guaranteed. My sample hung in the humidity of Hawaii, was moved across the ocean into storage for 6 months, packed and moved again to Charlottesville, and now hangs on my office wall-- good as new.


I hope so! If you want to read more about my soapbox of printing quality, check out Fast Food vs. Fine Dining, or The Purpose of Printing. I'm seriously, some might say oddly, passionate about enjoying your photos in print.

This photography/blogger agrees and did a comparison of her pro lab canvas against an old consumer canvas --it's incredible-- check out the result and quality difference for yourself!

Love these canvas wraps and want to see more products offered through your Firefly session? Check out my favorite piece- the float wrap! Oh but first how about booking that session you've been contemplating? Contact me to get your spring session on the books and some art on your walls!!