Even though the look of those pretty gallery photo walls is stunning, putting one together for your own home is sometimes easier said than done. That's one of the reasons I include designing one in the experience with my clients. There are so many different ideas floating around there that sometimes the options can be overwhelming! (Pinterest overload, anyone?!) I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite displays here to get you started thinking about what would look the best in your own home:

1. The large centerpiece

wall display

This arrangement would be the centerpiece of any room. The prints are large and stand out on the wall in an interesting arrangement, all together making an incredible impact.

2. The framed favorites

wall display nursery

Using simple matching mats and frames, treasured moments and details make the perfect artwork for a nursery or playroom. This monochromatic arrangement is classy and understated; it enhances the room without being overwhelming. So basically it's just gorgeous.

3. The modern flair

square wall display

Squares are a very popular crop right now for photo display. The arrangement set in black and white squares gives a streamlined appearance of elegance without being stuffy. It's clean, fresh, and best of all, makes these kids' smiles the focal point of the room.

If you're planning a gallery wall or want to in the near future, check out more awesome inspiration as well as tips on how to hang and arrange large images over on the "Display your Photos" board on my Pinterest page.