You see her on the street and she looks like she stepped off the runway, except not as scary- you know, the toned-down street-style version of runway. Perfectly hip with trendy outfits, effortlessly sleek hair, and heels that you would feel like an awkward giraffe walking in but she seems to act like their no-big-deal.


I find myself in this scenario a lot. Trying to be "fashionable" buuuut then I take the dog to the park and get pulled into a mud pit/the air is humid and my straight-ish curly-ish hair can't make up it's mind and does both/ I'm still not really sure how to pull off this whole skinny jean thing with sandals... ugh, give me my jean shorts and a t-shirt por favor.

Despite my own confused fashion sense, clients are always asking for advice about what to wear for their portrait sessions, and rightfully because it's a big deal. I tend to advise on the side of caution when it comes to trendy dressy for shoots simply because trends are so here this day & gone the next. You want your portraits to be timeless! SO... my five biggest tips for dressing for your session?

(1) Keep it simple (2) Choose Comfortable but flattering (3) Something you feel GREAT in (4) NOT all matchy-matchy (for the love of God, no more khakis and white shirts,) (5) Pump it all up with colorful accessories and details for texture.

What NOT to do, courtesy of Family Guy

While we may tone down the trend factor for portrait sessions, let's not ignore the fact that they exist. According to Elle and Glamour magazines, these four looks are among those topping the style stage right now:

1. Metallics

2. The cropped boyfriend jean

3. The crop top

4. Shorts suits

GenTwenty just came out with an editorial article today raving about the versatility of the crop top and celebs from Kim Kardashian to Gweneth Paltrow have recently been sighted rocking the shorts suit.

They may be all the rage, but HELP.

Does anyone else ever wonder what "trends" our children will look back on and say "what the crap were they thinking?!" I have a feeling these may be part of that conversation. In the spirit of trend reflection, here are 5 trends from past decades that I for one am hoping NEVER make a come-back.

You remember, right? The overly bright, obnoxiously patterned jackets that swished like a child opening a bag of potato chips?

I bet you could literally fly with hair with hair like that; such massive flippage must have taken a gallon of hairspray too...

Just why? I don't think it needs explaining.

I'm all for modesty, but if this comes back in style, I'll officially swear off the beach. On a positive note, however, I think we could expect that MTV spring break would have a completely different feel to it.

Lord help us all if this insane standard of waist proportions ever becomes the norm again. Honestly, I will rebel.

What trends from this decade do you think will come back to haunt us? Sound off in the comments below!