One of my primary goals for the direction of my business is to provide clients with easily accessible opportunities to celebrate the unique and lovable qualities of their children: those special intricacies and quirks, the things they love at a particular stage, where they are in their discovery of the world and their own personality. It's why letting her pick out her own outfit (even if it's pajamas and a princess crown) can sometimes be the best decision you make for your session. It's why letting him bring his favorite dinosaur toy to the session is not going to ruin the pictures, but instead, make it even cuter.

This was the inspiration behind the organization of my upcoming Storybook Mini-Sessions. Books are a huge part of all kids' lives! Reading to kids at bedtime is one of the most special bonding moments between parents and their children. They always seem to pick out that one or two favorite story that, after a few months of reading it every night until the binding is tattered and worn, the child can recite word for word. There's that book she loves for it's pretty pictures. Or the first book he ever really read. The look of wonder followed by sheer excitement when she runs between the library shelves. Those are details worth capturing!

I am so grateful to The Winchester Book Gallery for agreeing to host a first-time Mini-Session event in their wonderful downtown location. The small, local store has a warm and welcoming feeling throughout and an adorable children's section on the upper level. Each session will hold a 30 minute time slot (between 9am and 5pm) in which we are able to let the child play, explore, and read their favorite stories while I capture every little perfect expression. We will have some storybook themed snacks and some warm beverages set up for you to enjoy while you're visiting as well. This will give you the unique opportunity to get out of the winter cold, enjoy a fun afternoon activity with your little one on the downtown mall, and get a taste of the beauty in custom, on-location, photography. Contact me if you are interested in booking a slot for your kiddo and I will be in touch asap to set you up with all the details!