The Zelaski family just grew by two little feet when they welcomed baby Axton to the world. Still so tiny and soft, I get all gooey eyed every time I do a session with a new baby. Even though he was awake practically the entire time, he was calm and easy, just observing and taking in his new world with wonder while I clicked away.

His older sister Brynna was not as keen to be in front of the camera, though. But that's okay because "sit still and say cheese" isn't really in my bag of tricks anyways. She was full of personality, which made the session quite entertaining. I learned that she carries her favorite doll, Emily, everywhere she goes. She's about to turn three and is having a princess party to celebrate. She's learning to do cartwheels, loves to spin, and has a crush on a boy at pre-school. Oh yes, full of personality. :-)

At first, Ashley (mom) suggested shooting at a nearby vineyard, but once she showed me some examples of photos she liked and the feel she was going for, we decided that an in-home session was a better fit. When I premiered the final gallery to her last week, she was thrilled and made a comment that I loved- she said, "I love them even more because the kids will get to see their first home in these pictures, too." YES.

The home's light walls and big windows made the rainy evening outside seem irrelevant. The location was perfect for all the cozy and close moments parents love to capture with their kids. An in home session like this just keeps everyone feeling comfortable and allows us to create real moments that depict this stage of their lives as a family.