As some of you may or may not know, I started my business in Hawaii when my husband and I were living on the island of Oahu. No matter the client or the type of shoot, one thing was always guaranteed: a gorgeous outdoor location year round. I mean, honestly, it's Hawaii. If you've never been, the answer is YES, it really as gorgeous as everyone raves. So since we were so busy soaking up the gorgeous landscape I didn't get many opportunities to explore the facet of indoor location shooting, aside from a few newborn shoots. I'm not complaining here, (um, it was HAWAII, duh I wanted to be outside) but as a well-rounded professional, I knew that I needed to gain some more experience with other locations options.

When we moved back to the east coast in the dead of winter, I quickly realized how imperative a knowledge of indoor shooting really was. I loved the look of those lifestyle, in-home shoots and quaint coffee shops and cozy nooks setting the stage for warm family sessions but the technique is much different that a spacious, light-filled field.

Fun side note: I am a bookstore junky. Like I could spend hours browsing shelves, running my fingers over the spines, soaking in that quiet comfort that seems to seep from the walls... bookstores are one of my happy places.

I knew right when I stepped through the doors that The Winchester Book Gallery in downtown Winchester would be an adorable location for children's' shoot. Historic touches like original wood flooring frame a warm and inviting shop with shelves of welcoming volumes handpicked and begging to be cracked open. The upstairs is entirely reserved for children with painted walls, toys, puzzles, and oversized chairs for snuggling up with a new book. Claire was magical to watch and interact with during this session, exploring and playing with a sparkle that was so endearing. We spent close to an hour in this little space and the whole experience not only filled my heart, but helped me further develop and showcase an alternative angle for clients in the future.

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