The secret's out: I have a hard time sticking with things. Like commitment issues, majorly. Or maybe it's defeatist issues. Whatever it is, it's something I'm aware of as a major fault and I actively struggle with following through. As a kid, my parents never let me quit anything I started: if I committed to it, I was going to see it through. Somehow, though, I faltered in that lesson. My strategy became more of an avoidance of starting anything unless I was confident I could succeed in it. When I finally stayed in a relationship longer than four months, my family almost threw a party right there proclaiming I had found 'the one.'

My husband is a major proponent for making me stick with things, forcing me to set long term goals, (how can anyone plan for the next 3 years, I mean the idea itself gives me anxiety), even lovingly but firmly kicking my butt in gear to keep going on a long run. While we were apart for several months this winter as he attended school in Chicago and I built up my business, I decided to challenge myself with a long term project, something that would help me grow both in my craft and as an individual. I started my Project 365 and am officially shocking myself that I've continued to stay the course. For a while I posted my photos weekly but decided to scale back to a monthly collection.

I have to admit, there were more than a couple of these photos snapped at, "oh crap, I forgot I need to get a picture today" moments and quite a few others that are simple snapshots from my phone. They're not "professional quality," and they're not (most of them, anyways) photoshopped...but that's not the point so I'm okay with it. They're just every-day moments.


(and part of April)

If you're interested, you can see the first few weeks' images here, here, here, and here.

Here's to an epic JUNE!!