Solitude. The ticking of an antique clock. The sun beaming through the window while the wind whips sheets of fallen snow. The puppy is content and asleep. My coffee is fresh and steaming. Little moments are my happiness lately.

There are seasons in life composed of wild change, drastic highs and painful lows. And then there’s this. Steady. It feels strange coming off a period of extremes and excitement into a stint of uncertainty. I am unsure of what the next few months will or will not bring and what I should or shouldn’t be bringing to them. I think (and hope) many other 20-somethings can relate to this feeling of anxiety about current choices and how they will affect our lives. It’s so common today to be constantly driving toward the "right" job, the "right" degree, the "right" lifestyle, the "right" relationships, that when we actually have time to sit in the quiet and listen to life happening, it feels wrong. Like failure. Like wasted time. At least it does for me.

But fortunately, sometimes there is also clarity in those little quiet moments. There is clarity about the blessings, beauty, and bounty all around me. If I let them, they even rejuvenate me and lend a reset button for my creativity and my confidence. If I let them, they can also do the opposite. Even in the quiet there are decisions to make and emotions to consider.

It’s much easier to allow negative in than to put positive out. But did you ever realize that doubt, fear, and worry are all choices? Challenges not only shout for motivation, perseverance, dedication, or passion, but sometimes for patience, acceptance, humility, or openness. Whether it is loud and sure, or just a whisper, happiness is determined by how we meet and respond to each call. Every moment has it’s purpose.