Winter is a tricky time to be an on-location photographer. I mean, lets face it, no one wants to be outside when it's 5 degrees outside +wind chill, especially kids. It just doesn't work. On the positive side, this lull in sessions is giving me the opportunity to focus my efforts on successful business practice, development, organization, and future planning. It's also giving me a chance to take on some first time projects I've been wanting to tackle that will boost my skill, confidence, and credibility as a photographer.


Currently, I'm working on planning and orchestrating two big projects. The first is a collaborative shoot with 2 local business, Cupcake Novelties and Cloverdale Barn of Winchester, VA. We are joining forces to style a chic children's party with an Easter theme to use as seasonal promotion for each business and also to submit so blogs, magazines, and other puplications for more widespread exposure. It's going to be absolutely adorable. With gorgeous sweet treats provided by Cupcake Novelties and the rustic glam backdrop from Cloverdale Barn, these kids will have a blast playing and eating together while I happily snap away at all the magic! This is the vision board I created to inspire our decor and overall design: (Note: I claim none of the individual photos in this board as my own work; they were pulled from public pinterest links.)

In order to get the session out in time for Easter promotions, we have to shoot in early March; we're just praying for some warmer weather to compliment our look or else we'll be hiding Easter eggs in piles of snow! Stay tuned for more insights as the planning comes together to form this great shoot.

I'll save the reveal of my second project for a later post. ;-)


Most recently, I was able to shoot a very special event, as well as attend as a guest. (It was only slightly confusing to mesh between work and play, but definitely do-able, especially with a few glasses of Pinot) The event was a 70th birthday party, thrown by her immediate family, in honor of my Nana. It was a lovely day and people from all stages of her life came to celebrate with her.


I am always trying to learn more and discover the best ways to opperate a small business, grow it successfully, and run it smoothly. I recognize that

  1. > The backbones of a successful business do not come naturally to me.
  2. > I > do> enjoy learning how to make my dreams come true
  3. > When my dreams come true, I'll be able to make lots of other people happy.
  4. > Setting up an organized, efficient, and moral business is the key to actually being able to enjoy what I love most about this career in the first place: the photography and the people!

I'm finding this book is a great source for teaching that mindset of setting the business foundation properly and recommend it to anybody who is maybe considering starting a business of their own.

Kicks and Giggles

I have to say, I'm also having a little fun just being back on the East Coast, seeing friends, and baking in a real kitchen with a real dishwasher. In a few years I have a feeling I'll be wishing for a little bit more of this so I"ll take it while I can!