My name is Leah O'Connell and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

There I said it. Can't get enough. But really, it could be worse, right? Lately, I'm most often found scouring for organizational tips and decorating inspiration in prep for our upcoming move to a new apartment. I'm so excited to have our own place again and have our belongings back (they've been in military storage for the past 6 months) that I am just giddy about setting everything up and decorating the spaces. I'm trying not to get tooooo carried away because even this living situation will be temporary. (12mo max) Still, I'm a real believer in the way a space affects mood, productivity, and overall happiness so you can bet I'm all over how to make this new space work for us while we're there.

During my web exploration, I found this little graphic which I've adopted as my new decorating mantra:

Our new place has a really awkward but large corner closet space which puzzled me for functionality until I came across this gem on a blog called The Inspired Room:

You can see more pics of this incredible pantry space and read the post here. The whole blog is a dream for a wanna-be organized home-owner like myself. Seriously, check it out.

Naturally, I stray from my focus when Pinterest-stalking (who doesn't?) and thought I'd share the love with a few other little beuts I stumbled upon.

This is the recipe I used on Mother's Day to make my mom's favorite special breakfast: eggs benedict! I can't say I'm a pro but she did say it was good! Then again, she's my mom so she'd probably say that if I made her burnt toast with vegimite.


Also, I'm thinking I'm due for a new 'do... thoughts???

Aaaaand finally, thanks Sophia Loren for these words that I need to hear every day and want you to know as well. :-)


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