I've been hanging on to this session for over a month now with anticipation but am so excited to share it with you now. Why now? I'm glad you asked! I just found out it's been accepted and will be featured on an international photography blog called BeLovely You! Along with the photographs, BeLovely You is publishing my article on using simple props to encourage playful sessions in children's photography.

Ummm, WHAT!? Both my photography and writing featured for a readership of ?! I'm just crazy stoked about this. Literally thousands of amazing photographers all over the world submit work to this blog so I feel incredibly honored that the professionals screening submissions felt that my work was worthy of showcasing. It was one of my 2014 goals to be featured it at least 1 prominent publication so it looks like I'm off to a good start. This will be my first internationally published session but I'm hoping it's just the start to many more features in my growing dream career.


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Now, is Ella not the most darling and graceful looking 5 year old you've ever seen or WHAT?! We had so much fun at this shoot running and playing and tossing glitter and chasing after the balloons that kept trying to fly away (whoops). It was a windy day. Originally, my vision was to have the balloons all spread out at different heights, but because of the wind and the difficulty transporting them in the back of my jeep (resulting in impossibly tangled strings), I improvised aaaand probably like this way even better.


My inspiration for the shoot was just simple, feminine, and fresh.

I wanted to contrast the styles of concrete, urban lines with soft, pretty details. Adding the pearls, my DIY wire crown, and the flowing blush scarf were the perfect compliments of sweetness to our setting. They also made our little model feel really special which is even more important :-) Her vibrance and soft nature just shines through in these images, don't they?

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