Mother's day is a lot like Valentine's day in my opinion. In some ways, it seems a bit awry to celebrate this special person on just one random day, but on the other hand, it's a wonderful opportunity to shower that person with a little extra love. I'm never opposed to an excuse for showering love.

When you are in love on Valentine's day, no matter how fancy the napkins are folded at that fancy restaurant where you made reservations, no matter how gooey the wording on that perfect Hallmark card, no matter if those flowers were plucked from the flippin Garden of Eden, nothing you do seems to quite demonstrate your feelings or express the extent of your love. For me, I have similar sentiments about Mothers Day. How do you say,

"thanks for 10 hours pushing me out of your womb and enduring the years following with grace and patience even when I was a complete sleep and sanity-stealing brat... "?

I mean, and that's just the edge of the iceberg when it comes to motherly duties. Though I'm not a mother yet so I can't really speak for them, I can imagine that they kind-of understand that. (If you are a mother reading this, please chime in in the comments!) There's no way we can say 'thank you' enough to our mothers, no way a piece of jewelry or a special trinket or a nice dinner or anything money can buy for that matter, can stand in for the extent of 'thank you's' a wonderful mother deserves. But that's not the point and that's not what they expect, either.


A mothers day gift should simply serve the purpose of making your mother smile and recognizing that she is special and worth honoring this day and every other day as well. Big or small, regardless of cost, what matters is that she is recognized for, ya know, bringing you into the world for starters. Kind-of a big deal, right? If you're still looking for a smile-inducing gift for your mama this year, I've compiled a list of 5 amazing women, friends, and mothers who along with raising munchkins of their own, are also following their passions through various crafts and businesses. If you purchase a gift through one of them, you'll be bringing smiles to not 1, but 2 very deserving mothers.

Meet the Moms

1. Holly

Business: Witt n' Whimsy

Holly is a military wife and mother who hand-designs and makes beautiful custom jewelry. She works a lot with pressed and engraved metals as well as beadwork. She is truly passionate about her craft and is incredibly talented. You can see her work on her Etsy shop or become a fan on FB

2. Sarah

Business: Scentsy Consultant

If you've never heard of Scentsy before, you're missing out. It's a company that works through direct sales of their consultants selling an innovative wickless candle and an incredible amount of scents that will make you swoon. Sarah is new with Scentsy but her own passion for the product has made it an amazing avenue for her career. She is great with recommendations and it's pretty much a given that any mom will love a candle from Scentsy. Learn more about Scentsy here and connect with Sarah on FB here

3. Ashley

Business: The Mad Monogram & Bow and Sparrow

I worked with Ashley on a stylized session back when I was living in Hawaii and she was a mommy-to-be, but now she's raising a precious little boy and running two awesome businesses. All her work is amazing quality and just the most adorable custom designs. The Mad Monogram specializes is kids clothing, but also sells other little things like makeup bags and totes in cute fabrics and great prices. Her newest shop is a world-wide collaboration of vendors with more adult friendly pieces. Right now she's offering $5 priority shipping for US orders! Check out the websites here and here + become a fan on FB here and here!

4. Ami

Business: Ella Mella Market

Ami is a Virginia-based mama whom I worked with in collaboration for this Easter stylized shoot. She contributed all the adorable party supplies from her other shop, Confetti Throwers.Ella Mella Market has some seriously adorable gift ideas for new mommies, though, like stroller blankets and cute little bibs, all with chic fabrics and designs for the modern mama :-) Check her out on Etsy [here] and like her on FB here to stay up-to-date!

5. Kendra

Business: Stella and Dot Consultant

Kendra is another dear friend from Hawaii who is a mommy to one with one on the way! She sells for the independent consulting jewelry company, Stella and Dot. If you've never heard of them, you're missing out because their products are absolutely irresistible. High quality, trendy, colorful, and the business as a whole is all run by hardworking women spreading the love with style! Show Kendra some love on her web page and like her on FB here

If you're still shopping for a little something to say,

"thanks for still loving me even when I colored all over your freshly painted walls/wouldn't listen when you told me that eating play-doh was a bad idea/insert any other behavior that drove you crazy over past 20+ years..."

...give some love to anotha motha and support these wonderful women while you're at it :-)