Wanna know a secret? I can make things disappear. I can make a trailer with a few flicks of my fingers. Whole houses- gone. Tree in the way? Watch it vanish. That's right, I'm basically Harry Potter.

Okaaaay, jig's up. I'm a phony.

Also, quite obviously, I like to exaggerate.

Anywho, the "magic" I'm referring too is actually nothing more than some steady, practiced photoshop skills. Care to see more?

The Situation

For this mommy and me shoot, we had the grounds of a gorgeous location at our disposal thanks to some good friends who let us utilize the whole property. (If you're in the market for an outdoor wedding venue, check out their site here!) At the time of the shoot in mid-March, the vendors were making some final preparations and finishing up a few construction projects before wedding season. While I try to do as much "fixing" in person and as we shoot, there are certain times I do have to rely on photoshop and part of being a professional is having the skills to confidently shoot knowing that things like a rouge tractor or some stray branches won't hinder the perfect frame.

Before and After

Regardless of the construction, some awkwardly growing branches, and any other inevitable abstractions that just happen when you're using an outdoor location, we were still able to take advantage of this beautiful space instead of letting those pesky distractions get in the way. Check out these before & afters of two of the more impactful retouching jobs from this session.

Muahaha. Mischief Managed.


If you love the before/after's, check out this post for more of my behind-the-scenes photoshop action!

Want to see more from this session? The gorgeous mama in these pics is a fantastic blogger and did a feature on our shoot together! You can see it here