With all this moving and grooving aimlessly around the United States lately, it's been a little non-realistic to plant roots and dig into my business at this stage, though I am itching to do so. That time is creeping to a close, however, with my husband graduating in just a few days (yay!) and beginning his job search in a more permanent location. For the first time in our marriage, we're hoping that before the summer hits, we'll be moved into our first place with no intention of moving again for at least a full year. (We're kindof used to short term planning. Or no planning, thanks to the military)

In order to prepare for a fresh start in our new TBD location, I want to build up my portfolio with fresh images that showcase my speciality and demonstrate the quality of work clients can expect from Firefly Photography. That's why I'm announcing a giant casting call for kids and families to model for specific shoots I've dreamed up to enhance my brand and build on the Firefly experience! The descriptions below are short glimpses into the concepts I'm trying to achieve and for which, I'm seeking the following models:

  • Glitter Girl - elementary aged girl who loves all things girly for a rooftop shoot in pastels among a sea of balloons

  • Family orchard picnic- family of 4 or 5 with young kids for farmers market or orchard location day date

  • Mother-daughter date- mom and daughter (preschool or elementary-age) for some quality time in the country with flowers & pearls

  • Boys best friend- boy (elementary or middle school age) barefoot and blue jeans, no shirt or white tee, playing with his dog by a lake

  • Senior Urban glam- style-loivng, outgoing senior girl for a city-chic session

I already love you for reading this blog, but if you want to volunteer to help me out with one of these shoots, I will love you even MORE! And if you choose to spread the word by sharing this post with a friend or on social media, my love will reach epic proportions. Like too much to contain. Hugs galore. Unless that makes you feel awkward, in which case, I'll try to contain myself. No promises, though. :) I'm so excited to get my creative jeans on to work on these shoots and make great things happen for the future!