What I'm about to propose may come as a shock so I want you to prepare your minds for this news. When taking a picture of a human subject, positioning that subject in front of the prettiest plant in the yard will not immediately make it a better picture.

Take that in for a second.

It's true. I'm here to crash the philosophy that standing next to a tree or a pretty bush improves your photograph. Contrary to popular belief, the keys to a great photograph are:

A. the subject with a natural expression and B. great light

Exhibit A:

My bestie is a nanny to the most adorable little nine month old cutie in New York City. Last weekend when I went to visit, we swung by her apartment to drop some things off before continuing our stroll around the city. As soon as we entered her bedroom with white walls and ceiling tall, street side windows, I immediately grabbed my camera for an impromptu mini photoshoot. The combination of white walls and window light makes an amazing light box with built-in reflectors. Five minutes + some great light + 2 beautiful smiles = basically, a photographers dream.