Spoiler alert: being a professional photographer isn't the glamorous job that many might image. Sometimes it is, of course - for me, any time I'm out on location shooting I am filled with this bubbling intensity and excitement, completely in the moment and feeling alive. But shooting is really only about 5% of what this job entails. About 70% of it is spent at a computer.


When you spend that much of your work time at a computer, you want to make it a space that inspires creativity and light, one that doesn't make you want to claw your eyes out. Since we've been moving from temporary apartment to temporary apartment from the time I started my business, my office space hasn't quite yet blossomed into my ideal working environment. (My Pinterest dreams will come true someday, I'm sure of it... I have a whole board dedicated to my fantasy office/studio plans. Seriously, check it out. I dream big, okay?!) Still, I've created a corner working haven to appease my restless nesting instinct for the time being and it serves its immediate purpose of giving me a calm, pretty space in which to work.

Despite apartment rules, hanging artwork is one thing I just can't sacrifice; I love being able to display my favorite fine art pieces of images from my past clients on my walls. Looking up at these smiling faces, recalling the interaction that led to capturing that exact frame, and the relationships with the people behind them is the most powerful motivation I have. They remind me that my talent is real and it has brought people joy, that my goals of providing this custom photography experience to more families in this area is worth pursuing and developing. The faces in these photos on my wall remind me daily that people need good photographers who will do more than click a machine. They are my reassurance and my happiness day in and day out. (And they aren't even my kids! Yea, that's how powerful great images can be!!)

If you're curious about some of these fine art pieces, this article gives a little more insight about the quality and making of the mounted prints and this one gives a few more great ideas about how to display your photos on your walls so people can actually see and enjoy them, including you! I'll be doing more individual features on all the fine art products I offer in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled for those behind-the-scenes glimpses at what makes fine art so..."fine!"