During this short transition between my life in Hawaii and my new life/business in __(location to be determined), I feel so grateful that I'm able to use this time to explore different aspects of shooting and avenues for my business without added pressure of financial burdens.While living at home without my husband for 3 months is not ideal by any means, I'm humble enough to realize that I am beyond fortunate. It's easy to get frustrated by the stagnation, the lack of forward movement I feel. That's when small projects like a little obsessive compulsive spring cleaning kick in... you should have seen the frenzy that occurred in my closet yesterday. Or maybe it's best that you didn't...

Regardless, the bigger picture is bright and I know that keeping eyes ahead is the key to success. I have a tendency, however, to indulge in my reflective side, the part that loves reminiscing and breaking down the past to learn from it, to explore it with new eyes. That part may explain some of my passion for photography. In realizing my conflicting nature, I've decided to start a project that will instead, help me focus on the now.

When now is simple When now is crazy When now is changing When now is sad When now is joyful When now is unexpected

Whatever happens or doesn't happen in the now, whether its purpose is known or unknown, it is life and we all only get one of those! Life if every sense holds inspiration just waiting to be captured, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. That's why I decided to take on the challenge of a 365 project. 1 photo every day for a whole year. I can't even imagine all the love, hurt, happiness, fear, success, failure, etc etc etc that will happen in the next year but I want to to recognize it all.

Life through my camera lens looks different; I see more, feel more, and think more somehow when I look through what I now consider my new eyes. You can keep up with my project by checking into the blog every Friday where I'll showcase the images from that week. I'm excited to chronicle the next year of my life this way and know not only will it be personally fulfilling, but will act as another way to hone my skills and help me grow as a photographer as well.

Anyone want to join me in this adventure?! Every day is a good enough day to start!