We're going to play a game. It's called, "guess the scenario in which the following circumstances are socially acceptable." The circumstances under question include:

  • calling off school because trees are blooming
  • cheering for fire trucks that drive slowly with no fire to attend to
  • overly preppy pairings of plaid, boat shoes, derby hats, and bow ties
  • roaming public streets with camelbacks of beer
  • attending a carnival in which you pay more than an amusement park to ride rides that give you less of a chance of living
  • eating red velvet funnel cakes or fried pickles
  • encouraging men who qualify for a senior citizens discount to swerve in figure eights in miniature cars on the main streets of town
  • wearing anything and everything you own that is pink and/or green, despite all general rules of taste or style.

This phenomena in which all of the above are in fact not only socially acceptable but expected and enjoyed to the fullest extent is called the "Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival." It takes place annually on the first week of May in Winchester, VA and is a spectacle to say the least. It includes a fireman's parade, grand feature parade, numerous luncheons, pageants, races, dances, and concerts, as well as a circus, carnival, and midway. In the words of Ron Burgundy, it's kind-of a big deal. I hadn't been to the Apple Blossom festival since college, but was back in town this year for the festivities and even though I've never really been involved in much of the 'bloom' scene, I did attend the grand feature parade this year and it was certainly every bit as eclectic as I remembered. For those of you who have never experienced Apple Blossom for yourselves, feast your eyes on a peak of the festival in all its glory.

what your favorite part of Apple Blossom is! A funnel cake would be better, but I love comments almost as much! ;-)