Things to love this week:

  1. It is officially spring (despite Tuesday's last knife-to-the-side snow)
  2. I get to see my husband in less than 1 week.
  3. Matt officially graduated from his insanely rigorous web development program in Chicago! So proud of him :-)
  4. Bourbon officially graduated from puppy class. (I'm proud of him, too, even though he took a dump in the store the same night. But HOW can you be mad at this face?!)
  5. Friends who listen to my rants
  6. Friends who remain friends even when we don't talk every day.
  7. Clients who have tickle fights instead of fights about deadlines.
  8. The personality of local coffee shops.
  9. Discovering new inspiring blogs to follow (look for some link love coming soon!)
  10. People who are willing to do my taxes for me.
  11. Stores are starting to stock dresses and sandals.... helloooooo warm weather, come and get me :-)