This to love from this week:

  1. Most of all, I am loving having my husband back! I picked him up from the airport on Thursday. We are truely better together :-)

  2. A few consecutive days of warm weather. Like, reaching the 70's! There is hope for spring after all. You better believe I got my toes out into some sandals pronto.

  3. Sushi dates in the company of two of the most wonderful women I know, my mom and my cousin Pam, at my favorite little place downtown Sucilee's House of Thai. YUM.

  4. I actually got a manicure. I know, it's big news. But my hands were crying in desperation and I'm loving this metalic gold polish I chose.

  5. I'm dying over all the gorgeous shots from my maternity/mommy & me session this week with the stylish and absurdly photogenic Justyn and her sweet daughter Kaelyn. Justyn's blog is always full of great style inspiration, encouragement, and real mom moments. Check here out here!

So much to be thankful for this week and always! Happy weekend!

Saturday 3.29 - (yes, my dog ate the homework. whoooops.)

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