This was week 3 of my ongoing 365 project which means 7 more images of my day to day surroundings and another list of loves to share with you!

1 Getting together with friends! It's seems pretty normal to most people, but since we've spent the past year and 1/2 an ocean away from many of our friends and sometimes each other as well, my husband and I haven't had many opportunities to just enjoy an evening out with other couples. Yummy pizzas, drinks, and a local concert out with friends last Saturday was such a treat :-)

2 Wine with funny names. Sometimes I buy a bottle solely based on the label if it makes me laugh.

3 Spending a Sunday afternoon outside visiting with friends we haven't seen in YEARS and meeting their adorably perfect daughter for the first time!

4 Rainy day cuddles.

5 Cooking for more people than just myself.

6 VISUAL PROMISE OF SPRING! I don't care if they're flowers or weeds, there is something growing out of what just a few weeks ago was wet & snowy ground.

7 Bourbon learned a new trick: "roll over!" aaaaand it's probably the cutest thing you'll ever see.

8 I had some serious "Ah-ha!" moments with the new direction of my business and made great headway on my brand design (which I'll be releasing upon our re-location to ..... still TBD)

9 I'm actually sitting outside in a t-shirt right now writing this and the sun is WARM on my skin! I could cry I'm so happy about this.

10 I successfully crafted a super cute little wire crown for my "glitter girl" themed shoot tomorrow. Make sure you check out the Firefly Facebook page tomorrow for some sneak peeks of the prettiness!