Right before the storm of the year hit us here on the east coast, packing 8inches of snow and single digit temperatures, we lucked out with some sun and a 40 degree afternoon for this handsome seniors' session. Just because he happens to be my cousin doesn't make me bias at all. Maybe a little. But I still think he did an awesome job keeping his spirits high and playing along with my bad jokes and random comments. It paid off with some great natural expressions some nice fresh air on the grounds of a museum here in Winchester.

Guys are a little more difficult to shoot than girls, especially as they get older, because they tend to be less comfortable in front of the camera. In general, they seem to just take a little more time to loosen up. My favorite part about senior shoots is to just see both guys and girls slowly tune in more to the shoot; it takes usually 20 minutes or so, but eventually, we both become more connected and it shows in the images.