There is something magical about Virginia in the fall. Something in the air, some overall sense of coziness that wraps itself around you like a big 'ol knitted afghan.

When we were living in Hawaii, I missed this season most. I can do without winter. Not one tear was shed in mourning from the beaches of Kailua over the below-freezing temps my family was experiencing back east in January and February. I was just peachy without all that nonsense. But fall... well, that's anther story.

Needless to say, both Matt and I are looking forward to celebrating our first true fall together since we've been married. We decided to kick off the season (and spend part of his birthday, because that's what twenty-somethings do for their birthday's, right??) with a trip to a local corn maze.

How silly of me. By "a local corn maze" I mean the largest corn maze in Virginia.

And there's quite a few in competition for this title. It's Virginia after all.

Unfortunately, it was about 85 degrees and we went in the heat of the day so to be stuck in the midst of a giant corn feild under the noon sun wasn't exactly dreamy. By my husband's noteworthy navigating skills alone are we even out of that corn maze today. Left to my own devices, I would be getting really sick of raw corn by this point and sporting a wicked sunburn.

Still, it was an exciting and random adventure, and those are always my favorite kind. We couldn't leave without purchasing some of this tempting natural honey with especially suggestive branding...

Now that fall is officially upon us, we're looking forward to many more stereotypical, seasonal events and excursions to make up for the years spent away from Virginia's crowing glory.

I love hearing from you! If you have a favorite Virginian fall adventure to suggest, leave it below in the comments so we can add it to our list!