This past weekend, my husband and I made a trip back to my roots -- the what I endearingly refer to as "middle-of-nowhere-West Virginia" -- to attend an event that is near to my heart. The Kyle Metheny-Scott Argabrite Golf Classic is a tournament to raise money in honor of two incredible men from Preston County WV who lost their lives too soon. Kyle was my uncle...

I miss him constantly.

The tournament raises money for an annual 4 year college scholarship given to a Preston High student athlete as well as the funding of a memorial park for fitness and recreation in Kingwood, WV. But even more than this, the tournament brings family, and friends who have become family over the 10 years of the tournament's success, together for a time of celebration, support, and faith in the good that come from tragedy. So many people invest their time and money into the event, and rain or shine, it is always a memorable weekend- complete with more than its fair share of drinks to go around.

I admire everyone who devotes themselves to this tournament in any way and watching it come together over the years has been truly inspiring. While living in Hawaii for the past two years, were were unable to make the trip back for the event, but now being back in Virginia, I wouldn't have missed seeing these good people for anything.