My personal project continues to plug along with still surprising results. It is an unbelievable challenge to take an interesting picture


Especially when you don't have readily available practice subjects (aka kids) and work alone on most days.

I am continually discovering ample beauty in the world around me, however, and continue to smile when I flip through the digital scrapbook each month and relive even the simplest moments of the day-to-day.

I've also decided that a digital scrapbook is simply not good enough. This should come as no surprise given my adimacy for photos in print. I'm about halfway through this 365 journey now and even though it's a royal pain in the butt some days to remember the commitment, I am already excited about the prospect of a gorgeously printed, colorful book for my home that chronicles every day of the past year of my life. And the idea of flipping through it in 20 years... well that just gives me goosebumps.

Here are a few of my personal faves from August and September's daily snaps.