One of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer is getting to celebrate with people in the most memorable stages of their lives. Since I've moved 3 times since starting my business, I haven't had the opportunity to build a repeat client basis; but now that I'm at least back in Virginia, I am getting to photograph people who I've known in other capacities of life - people who I've known before I even started my business.

Amy is one of those people. She was my cooperating teacher through practicum and student teaching when I was studying through JMU's graduate program to become a teacher myself. Needless to say, she was a pretty constant figure in my life through a major chuck of the most stressful year of my life. Simon was the only child back then, but she and her husband Matt have recently welcomed baby Liam into the world and I was thrilled when she contacted me to capture their new family of four.

Simon was absolutely smitten with baby Liam, only a few days old at the time of our shoot. In between games of red light, green light and showing me his super cool playground set, we managed to capture the tenderness of a new big brother. Matt is a pilot so his schedule has him sporadically flying around the country for days at a time. But luckily, he was home for the birth and home in time to squeeze in a few frames with the family for this shoot as well. You may remember reading about their family when Amy shared their story during my Monday's Moms series which you can find here.

Newborns are often needy (this should come as no surprise) so I like to plan sessions involving them either inside the nursery/home or close by. It keeps regular diaper changes and feeding breaks convenient and stress levels down. Especially when another child is involved, this can be crucial. The fall weather hadn't quite turned at this point so in spite of the overcast day, we decided to use their back yard in Fishersville as our setting. It's also special for kids to be able to reflect on their first home as they get older and maybe end up moving in the coming years. In order to capture the moment and to truly frame a particular stage of life, it's the personal touches, the natural reactions, and the portrayal of connections as they truly unfold that create a lasting and meaningful photographs.

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