What is a "Client Session Guide" 

Firefly Photography is a full-service experience, which means when you choose me as your photographer, you get more than someone with a nice camera who will take you to a field, snap a couple cute shots, and give you a disc to fiddle with in your "spare" time (aka get shared on Facebook then sit on your computer.) 

Since the above model is what a lot of people are used to or anticipate, I think it's important to educate clients on how Firefly is different and what they can expect from beginning to end. The Session Guide is an important element I use to communicate my brand and quality, manage expectations, answer major questions, and to be transparent from the beginning in order to form positive and trusting relationships.

Peek Inside

After a potential client has contacted me with interest, I respond within 24 hours with answers to their initial questions and attach this nifty little gem. It's a mini digital magazine I created in Adobe InDesign that opens as a pdf file with full spreads for the client to browse through at their convenience. What's inside:

  • Steps we'll take from styling and shooting to the big reveal where we'll design arrangements and print orders to beatify the home. 
  • Session Options with detailed information about what's included in each package and the cost
  • tips on how to prepare and what to expect on session day
  • basic guidelines for wardrobe and styling 
  • Options for ordering 
  • Details on how we can build your custom collection
  • Pictures and descriptions on each product available for at your reveal, from canvas's to gift certificates

This guide is meant to excite new clients for their photography experience and feel at ease with hiring me to capture important milestones. Great sessions result from careful planning and open communication, so the session guide is really where it all starts! 

Want to see more behind the scenes of Firefly? 

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