This session was my first shoot with not only 3 rowdy brothers, but a dog too! All these brothers loved and played baseball so we decided to shoot on a local baseball diamond. Their mom informed me that she had found these vintage baseball tees for all the boys which we knew would be the icing on the cake. To me, having them dress in something they loved and in which they were comfortable not only makes them more at ease during our time, but added significance to the images by playing up this stage of their lives. 

We did some fun shots on the bleachers and the dugout, then they all ran around showing me their positions and playing catch with their mits. Breaks like this make shoots more “fun” and less “work” — plus it makes them more likely to give me a few solid minutes in different poses rather than me fighting for their attention. 

The Blooper


This shot happened at the end of the session when they were winding down - I had the middle child sit on a bucket and the oldest kneel down next him. The youngest was a little rascal who kept up pretty well with his older brothers but was still the youngest nonetheless. So when I gave a direction along the lines of

“ok guys, give me your cool guy faces,”

the middle child flipped the youngest’s hat down over the youngests' face and quickly resumed his own “cool guy” pose. Luckily, the youngest had a sense of humor and since we’d all been having such fun goofing off before that, he wasn’t hurt by the surprise prank but instead, broke into a giggle fit.

Boys are so much fun to photograph - as long as you can keep up and keep it light!