It's here! September has got to be one of my very favorite months; you can practically smell the promise of fall and all its glory wafting through the air. That smell may very well be apple cider and big crockpots full of game day chili but regardless, it's awesome. 

September also brings the back-to-school season and the promise of those packets of school picture info stuffed in backpacks, making their way into your dreading hands with guilt-laden obligation. I'm going to hit you with a few hard truths that may be shocking but you need to hear: 

a. you are not a bad parent if you don't buy a package of school pictures featuring your child in his/her most forced pose and cheesy smile, leaning against a giant plastic number or sitting in front of a backdrop that looks like someone's 4 year old sponge painted. 
b. you child probably doesn't even want those pictures and will thank you one day for not displaying and distributing them 
c. you're right to want to have updated pictures of your growing babies, but there's a better way. 

The Compromise

Fun Fact: The average school portrait package runs about $60.

And that's for a print package of all the same stiff photo you have to pre-purchase before even seeing. And that's for a 10 second experience where your child gets shoved through a line, stares at a stranger with a bunny on top of the lens who wines 'smiiiilleeeeee" and then gets shuttled back to Math class. Fun, right? 


So you want portraits of your kids that reflect their style, personality, and growth year by year. But it's hard to invest in custom portrait sessions every year. Kids grow up and things get busy and costs spiral... but you know you'll want great photos to cherish when they're grown and gone. You hate the obligatory yearbook pictures they take each year, but it just seems like the easiest, most efficient, least expensive way to at least capture something. 

If that sounds like your thought process, this special is DIRECTLY FOR YOU. 

Newsletter subscribers to The Mason Jar had first dibs on this deal so dates are becoming limited, but...



book a Silver Session for the month of September and you'll receive a complimentary small gift print package including: 

1 8x10 + 2 5x7's + 2 4x6's or 1 sheet of wallets. ($50 value)

all for $125

** special applies to single subjects over 4 years old only

Here's the extra good news: the standard silver session already includes

  • time and talent of your photographer
  • 20-30 min session 
  • retouched image gallery of 10-15 images
  • web-sized gallery onUSB (suitable for sharing online and printing <4x6)
  • **option to order additional prints and products from a la carte menu only

So you'll get all of that PLUS the complimentary print package for $125. Sweet. 

How to Book

All you need to do is send me an email via the contact form and let me know you'd like to schedule with the September Special. We'll hook you up with a date that works in your schedule and capture some gorgeous portraits. Simple, straightforward, affordable. 

Dates of availability are limited so please don't wait to reach out!