Being A New Mom Means...

In the few short months I've been a mom, it's incredible to recognize the life shift that takes place when that little one enters the picture. I've discovered a job description that no blog or article or friendly advice ever included so I thought I'd pass it along to ease the shock for others:  


Being a new mom means:

  1. swaying even when there's no baby in your arms

  2. flashing your boobs to more people on a daily basis that you'd see in the mosh pit of a metal concert 
  3. reheating the same cup of coffee 5 times throughout the day and forgetting where you leave it each time after about 2 sips
  4. the olympic games of practicing patience 
  5. mastering the art of doing any task one-handed
  6. singing or reciting every step in your day
  7. talking about poop and burps and farts more than a five year old boy
  8. being exhausted when your head hits the pillow but already looking forward to seeing their smile in the morning
  9. seeing, touching, and smelling your surroundings through the excitement of one who is experiencing it for the first time
  10. dusting off the nursery rhymes you remember from childhood
  11. planning life in 2-3 hour increments 
  12. transforming into a complete goofball for the possibility of a giggle or smile
  13. constant trial and error
  14. whittling down your morning routine to <15 minutes
  15. getting creative with make-ahead dinners or meals that can be prepared in stages
  16. googling something pertaining to growth, food, sleep, or development every day
  17. get all warm inside when you smell her freshly washed crib sheets and blankets
  18. extreme, newfound admiration for your own mother and all the other mothers in your life
  19. loving someone before you've ever even seen them and loving them more each day they're alive
  20. taking way too many pictures-- just kidding there's no such thing. 

What does being a new mom look like to you? Add to list in the comments below!!