Right now, your home may still be dripping with pilgrim figurines, corn husk wreaths, and more pumpkin in your pantry than any one family should ever legally consume. But the fact is, the second the clock strikes midnight on the day after Thanksgiving, the world becomes engulfed with glittery snowflakes, obnoxious blow-up yard creatures, and enough tissue, bows, and paper to gift wrap every Frozen doll on the market.

Don't fight it. The Christmas spirit is on its way. 

I love Christmas- everything it means and everything that comes with it. I love how it brings people together and stirs up an unavoidable sensation of love. Christmas cards are one of those subtle ways people spread love during the holidays so this year, I'm happy to provide a unique way to help my 2015 clients engage in that tradition through some beautiful new custom designs. That's right, you can move on from your original idea:

This year, I've created 3 options completely unique to Firefly-- which means your cards will be 100% original and 100% modern, stylish, and sophisticated. 

  • Choose from one of the three custom, 2-sided Firefly designs printed on quality linen paper

  • Personalize printing using images from your session and optional text

  • 50 5x7 cards with envelopes-  $99

  • 100 cards with envelopes = $179

If you're interested in these designs and would like me to customize your order, we can do so with just a short phone call. You can choose any images for your session and either provide standard text or leave the text field empty to write your own messages. We'll work one on one to make sure the cards are perfectly customized to your preference. It's concise, beautiful quality, and all taken care of by me which means one less task for you during the busy holiday season! 

Have questions? Want to order your personalized Christmas cards? Send me a message to schedule an appointment time when we can work together on your design!