Dear fall, 

I see you inching your way closer with your few misty, crisp mornings and your mountain-top trees slowly changing their colors as if not wanting to be the first to arrive at the party. Well I'm calling out to you, lovely friend-- it's time to stop hiding and bring on the best of it. 

Of course I love your cozy perks - the pumpkin spice flavored everything, digging out my tall boots and leggings, the afternoon football games with friends and steaming pots of chili. But you are so much more than that. You are a feeling. 

You are the sounds of rustling leaves and stalks of corn in the wind. 

Of school bells and children's laughter as they chase on the playgrounds. 

Whistles and chants from high school football stands under hot Friday night lights. 

You are families spending time together in nature, picking pumpkins and crisp apples and hopping on hay rides and hiking through the woods. 

You are the crack of a fire and the shaking of dice during game nights. 

You are cold toes and warm blankets, a call to get closer and cuddle more. 

You are the smell of nutmeg and pies and warm breads seeping through screen doors. 

You are door-bells ringing and candy bowls rustling from gloved fingers with eager kids giggling below hats and makeup and masks. 

You are fresh and free and inviting. 

You are opportunity and reflection all in one. 

You're the best. I've missed you.

Come on out and stay a while. You're more than welcome here.