Maternity photos are sort of a new thing, relatively speaking; when my mother was pregnant with me, for example, the idea of a photo session that captured that stage of life was unheard of. Now, we celebrate the excitement. The nine months of fear, preparation, deep love growing roots -- we want to be able to capture something about this season for the unique perspective that it shares. Yet, somehow along the way, the purpose of maternity photos and the images that have become so trendy don't really do much to tell the story of that season. (If I see one more flower-crown-in-a-field or hands-in-heart-over-belly shot, my eyes might just roll right off my face.)

I don't know about you, but I would love to peek into how my mom actually felt while she was pregnant with me. What did she and my dad and older brother do on the weekends? Where did they spend the most time in our home? Did I have a nursery? (I actually don't even know the answer to that!?) What kind of clothes did my mom wear when she was pregnant? What books did they read together at bedtime? I wonder what my dad was like before he had a daughter. Was my brother excited to meet me or did he even know what was coming? What sort of 80's baby gear did they have ready for me that we would laugh at today?  I can only imagine how beautiful my mom must have looked with a toddler on one hip, a spoon of spaghetti sauce in the other, and a baby bump in between, though I bet she wouldn't have thought so at the time. 

That's why shooting this session with my friend Elizabeth fired me up so much that I had butterflies with every click of my shutter. With a 1 year old boy and a girl on the way, along with preparing to move and start a new job, the season of right now is so unique for them. They cherish their quiet Saturdays, going on walks in their neighborhood, playing in the backyard, making smoothies, and especially reading books together in the nursery so we decided to capture just that! How cool will it be for their little girl to see her mom feeling great at 7.5 months pregnant, right down in the sandpit with her older brother -- to get to peek into the home her parents first made their own and how life looked before she arrived?! Here's what Elizabeth had to say when I first delivered her session: 


"These are amazing! I'm definitely crying as I look at them because you're right! This season of life is so short, and I'm so glad I have these photos now to remember it by. It's so rare for us to have photos of me and Charlie both because usually one of us is taking them! I love all the detailed pictures you got of our home too... things that I treasure but would never think to photograph. I didn't even realize you were getting so many of these pictures. Seriously everyone needs to have a session like this done."



Enjoy this little sampling of our time together and a peek into their uniquely beautiful story. 

Who would have thought that an old wasp's nest could be the coolest nursery decor!? Apparently, Charlie (dad) brought this home from the woods one day way before their son was even born, declaring with excitement that it was going in their future child's room. And now look! It's so quirky, yet such a perfect fit!

Harold, Chase's favorite lovey giraffe, practically never leaves his hands so obviously he had to be included in this shoot! 

These family dogs became pals when their human counterparts decided to tie the knot - blending a family means accepting each other and each other's animals, too - and now they're one big happy crew (but they still love their first humans the best) . 

Thank you Elizabeth, Charlie, and Chase for being one of my first documentary session clients! I'm so glad you love and cherish your images -- life's adventures will only get sweeter for you <3