It's been a beautifully silent week+ on the blog with no apologies as I enjoyed some much needed R&R with family over the Christmas holiday. I hope you and yours have also enjoyed copious amounts of cookies, cuddles, laughter, giving, and of course, more cookies. MMM. (Operation fit-mom will start with the rest of the world on Jan. 1. Stay tuned for that adventure.) 


Right before heading over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, I had the joy of photographing two sweet siblings for some last minute Christmas cards. Working with kids who are close in age can be a challenge because they almost always exhibit completely different personalities. The most rewarding feeling, however, is recognizing this challenge, reading the situation, and responding with patience, the right attitude, and a few well played tricks to capture beautiful moments. That's what happened with these kiddos. 

Many parents are nervous about how their kids will act; they're too shy or too rambunctious or too whatever. But in my opinion, there's no such thing. They're just being kids. And being themselves, which is what I want to capture anyways. Thanks to this mama's willingness to let me take the reigns and her awesome go-with-the-flow attitude, I was able to ease into our shoot, keep it light, and meet each child's energy in a way that captured their true spirit. 

Also, we lucked out with a 60 degree December day, which doesn't hurt. 

Enjoy this last little sprinkle of holiday cheer to wrap your 2015 and check back soon for a recap of all my favorite 2015 images! 

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