I always love a good chance to cuddle a brand new baby, but these clients were extra special because the parents were gifted their session with me! The mama's thoughtful co-teachers purchased her a gift certificate for a newborn session before she went on maternity leave -- is that not the coolest idea?! 

Sara contacted me in her last trimester to talk about the details, what to expect, and plan a tentative date in relation to her due date. I ended up meeting them at their home in Fairfax when Aidan was about 2 weeks old and let me tell you, those tiny fingers and toes and that little baby squeal... oh my, it gets me every time. 

Behind the Scenes

Sara was concerned in the days leading up to the shoot because Aidan had developed some pretty intense baby acne and redness (which is totally normal). Since it's a condition that can take weeks to clear, I definitely didn't want to push back the shoot and miss his freshest and littlest stage, so I assured her I could work some miracles in camera and in post-processing to adjust for his skin. 

That wasn't our only obstacle, however: it was a very dark and stormy session day, which meant little light and no chance of moving outside for a portion of the shoot. No matter -- we utilized Aidan's adorable nursery (I mean, she really did a beautiful job putting it together with so many sweet touches) and the guest room, which was the brightest room of the home.

Lastly, poor Aidan was not a happy camper. This tends to happen sometimes, because

1. babies are unpredictable and
2. they've been part of the family for <2 weeks so how the heck are you supposed to know they're "schedule?!" (--if they even have one at all that young?!) 

So we adjusted. He was definitely most comfortable when cuddled and warm against mom or dad, so we just let him be his cute little self as I captured tenderness and soothing. We took a feeding break and changed a messy diaper, but little guy just wasn't having it. The great part is, though, these images still reflect a loving and cozy morning between new, doting parents and their precious boy. 

Love when the family dog can make an appearance! :-) 

Isn't he just the cutest?! Regardless of our obstacles, I'm so happy to have gotten to work with this kind family and gift them with these images. I think we captured such genuine emotion and hope the Hannons will look back on those moments and their hearts will overflow.