Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of meeting with this wonderful extended family to celebrate another reunion and another year together. With impending storms in the forecast, we made a split decision to move their session from Chile's Peach Orchard in Crozet to the UVA grounds to allow for ample dry coverage in case of downpour! Coming from all corners of the country, we had not had a chance to meet before the session, but I was so glad that they were easy-going and trusted my judgement! Thunder rolled and clouds loomed but the storm skipped right over us and we ended up having a beautiful, sunny stroll around the heart of Charlottesville.

Silly mother nature, you always like to throw me for a loop!

Enjoy these highlights from our shoot featuring warm smiles, summer colors, and family hugs to kick off your weekend.  Thanks to the Dover and Ball families for tracking me down and being such a joy to work with!