Be honest. When was the last time you had a photo taken with your spouce or significant other? 

One that you love. One you'd be excited to print large and frame on your wall because it makes you feel beautiful or happy or remember a wonderful moment or hey, why not all of the above!?

Chances are it's been a while. To say the least. 

One of the joys of specializing in portraiture is capturing relationships. Relationships go beyond a big wedding or a milestone birthday. Those are events worth celebrating, certainly, but then it becomes all too easily to let life slip by-- photographing the kid's 1st birthday, maybe some family photos every few years, the selfie or occasional snapshot in together in the living room at Christmas. Suddenly you realize you've been married for 10 years and the only really great pictures you have together involve you donning a while dress. Parents fade from prints. A decade goes by without seeing yourself in a photograph you'd really love to leave to your grandchildren some day. 

That's why today, I'm celebrating the couples of my Firefly family. These are just a few of my favorite shots of couples I've snapped over the years, whether amidst a family shoot or in a session all their own, these are moments of love that deserve a cheer. Happy Valentines day to all my beautiful couples -- I wish you happiness and many continued smiles in your years to come together <3