One of the coolest parts about newborn sessions (because there are oh so many) is actually completely unrelated to the shoot itself, but in meeting with the couple beforehand. Something about chatting with them while they're still in anticipation, a family of two just waiting on the big moment that thier lives change, then meeting them at their home right after it does -- the shift into parenthood is incredible to witness and warms my heart every time.

Meeting with Brittany and Jost in my office just weeks before they welcomed their baby girl, I was able to learn so much about them. Most prominently, I gathered that they were both really easy-going people and I really wanted to reflect that nature with their shoot. Also, they are both coaches at local schools and wanted to incorporate some of their sports gear which I LOVE. I'm generally not much of a prop person because I just feel like they're pointless distractions, but when the props have significance, well that's a whole different story! 

When I arrived at the home, baby Carter was topping finishing a bottle and some cuddles with dad. Carter's middle name is "Okalini" which means heaven in Hawaiian, and she was basically an angel the whole time we were together. Some added heat from a portable heat fan I brought along, some cozy snuggles with mom and dad, and a mid-shoot snack were enough to keep this lady happy and content. Maybe I just caught her in a good moment, but maybe she inherited that easy-going spirit from her parents!

It was a rainy morning and there was little light in the house, but we worked around the environment and played into it for a cozy, relaxed feel. Awake for the first half and asleep for the second, she was a natural for a smooth shoot all around. 

Welcome to the world, baby Carter!