My heart melts for newborn shoots now more than ever. Since becoming a mother, I have a whole new perspective and connection with new parents and their sweet little miracles! To be entrusted with capturing that fresh love, those big baby yawns, those moments of rocking in the nursery and soothing cries-- it's truly an honor every time. 

When we met to discuss the shoot beforehand, mom Kathryn was specifically looking for some images to frame above Claire's crib in a gallery arrangement and wanted to be sure we captured all the little details like fingers and toes. We started by photographing sweet Claire in her beautiful, soft grey and pink nursery where she was sleeping in her crib when I arrived. She didn't stay that way for long though!

Side note: I LOVE getting to photograph wide awake babies -- the eyes say so much and often change as they grow, so I think it's really special to get to actually engage with them as they move and smile. Many photographers would disagree with that and try their darndest to force sleeping babies for a whole shoot but while sleeping babies are the absolute sweetest, I think you miss out on so much of their budding personality in the images! 

Claire's budding personality that day included a lot of vocalizing. AKA she wasn't a very happy camper. Her mom and dad were so calm and loving the whole time though, and we just took our time to try to meet her needs! She was so quickly soothed in her mama's arms and the warmth of lying close to daddy. I love that we were able to capture the intimacy they're forming, even when things aren't peachy! And the best part is you'd hardly know by looking at these photos that she wasn't perfectly content the whole shoot :-) 

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this darling home session and join me in welcoming baby Claire to her new, exciting life! 

Kathryn also wanted to incorporate the family's two dogs, which I'm always excited to try! We decided that in order to achieve a clean and simple look she was going for, I'd bring a white bedspread to replace their master duvet which was lovely, but didn't really go with the colors and style of their wardrobe and overall home. It was a small change that made a huge difference in the images and the pups were so well behaved despite all the excitement of a stranger with treats!