When planning with this mom and discussing the details, I was so excited to hear her honesty and desire to capture the real beauty behind the day. She knew her 3 year old son would be so infatuated with his new sister when they met, and wanted her daughter to see what life looked like  on the day she was born. Audrey came a few days early, but on a lovely summer evening at just 6 hours old, I met their little miracle and captured their love for her unfolding. And she really is a miracle -Audrey was born with her umbilical cord tied in a knot, so doctor's weren't quiet sure how she was able to get the nutrients she needed throughout the pregnancy, but she was surely created for great things. 

Quiet kisses, tickling toes, soft conversation, and stolen giggles set the tone of the room that overlooked a bustling Charlottesville street below. What an honor and joy it was to see this family grow and shower their love on their new baby girl as they begin a new adventure with her in the world.