The photography community has an incredible attitude of collaboration & education over competition. It's incredibly uplifting to see people who might otherwise be duking it out for a specific market, encouraging one another in their goals, direction, and skill instead. The idea is to lift our industry as a whole and achieve the one thing all of us want-- to provide anyone the opportunity to celebrate the fleeting, beautiful moments of life with photographs they can cherish forever. 

I met Kaitlyn through a local online photography group. She's just starting out in business while attending school full-time and wanted some maternity shots to grow her portfolio. Seeing as I happened to be pregnant at the time, it was a perfect match! In exchange for taking some maternity shots for me, I snapped some new headshots for her and together, we were just two girls with cameras, spending a sunny, fall morning learning and practicing our skills.

Sometimes you just need to get out and shoot without strings attached-- no expectations, money on the line, or deadlines to adhere to-- just let the creativity flow and try something new. Headshots are not something I do often and it was great to force myself to work in a challenging time of day against the sun. Check out a few of my favorites from Katelyn's mini-headshot shoot at Ivy Creek Nature Area!

P.S. Fun fact: we had to postpone our shoot from the original date so this took place in mid-October. Seeing as our little girl's due date was Nov. 11, I figured we had plenty of time. She was born the following week! I'm so glad we squeezed in this shoot at the very last minute!

Are you in need of some updated headshots? Send me a note so we can work out the perfect package for you!